Li-Chi Hsiao is a multidisciplinary artist making sound installations and live performances. Using self-made interfaces, her works take on a variety of forms such as Audio-Visual, sound, installations and live performances. Since 2011, she collaborated with sound artist Iang Tu and Chang Yen-Tzu and began to incorporate visual aspects into her work. Her installations create a transfer from body to the visual domain. In 2013, she began to create audiovisual live performances. In her work she often is questioning the relationship between audience and performer, people and herself. Currently, she is attending the program of Art and Media at Berlin University of Art. Her practice focuses on creating possibilities to connect the performer with the audience through a live performance.

2013 National Palace Museum, Qianlong C.H.A.O. New Media Art Award, interactive installation
2013 Digital Art Festival Taipei
2014 The 12th Taoyuan Creation Award
2017 Cooperation project 'Diaspora', Asia contemporary art platform NON Berlin

2012 Lacking sound Festival Listen 63 , Taipei
2013 Kangding Ray Live In Taipei After Party, Korner, Taipei
2013 Linux Audio Conference, Graz, Austria
2014 (0,0,0,0) exhibiton opening performance, Taipei
2014 Lacking sound Festival Listen 68 , Taipei
2015 Chaning, Ausland, Berlin
2016 0ff2n0ff, Tresor Linz, Linz
2017 Emitter Micro, Ausland, Berlin